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this is what these songs sound like when i play them live. i lost all of the beat band recordings so i had to start over from scratch as far as live material goes. track three is a new order cover. "nervous" is a new song that'll be released on a split with messy sparkles (hopefully soon).

I sequenced everything for the live set. All the drums are sampled, all the keyboards were recorded, then programmed and/or resampled. The guitar was recorded in one take and spanned all 5 songs. All vocals recorded while laying down on my bed at night. i was more or less nocturnal while recording this cd. So i waited til everyone was sleeping at the house to record (7 roomates). the vocals were really important here because I wanted them to sound calmer than usual (especially for tough summer (b)) so I really had to set up the atmosphere. I wanted the vocals to blend.


released 17 May 2011
gabriel berrios: guitar, sequences, vocals



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Track Name: tough summer (b)
there's nowhere cool anymore
not in florida
i want to tell
to stop smoking
about myself
i reach inside of myself

those pictures
those pictures of you at school
are better than
Track Name: garden of trees
getting numb
getting dumb
i finished all our food today
i got new handwriting and
didn't cry til' i saw eddie
when was the last time
i ate candy that i liked
i wish i took a picture of
those kids playing basketball
by your house

listening to grey
music in the rain
is the type of day
you'd spend in your bed
we'd spend in your bed

you liked learning french
singing in the car
you liked those old songs
those grey old songs
those grey old songs

you let your hair one day
bought you green sweater
on your birthday
we were bad with gifts
i met your parents

why am i here
is it easy to
forget these things
is it easy to
forget these things

im sorry that i bit you
where's your headband now...
going out to eat with your
family and little cousin
i can't belive your uncle died

i wish i was
tears beside
but it was true
i wish i cried with you
scared, i know now
but did i know how scared i was when
maybe your colorbone
made my cheekbones this way
those pictures of you at school
i wish i knew
that garden off trees and your pool
i wish you knew
Track Name: dreams never end (new order)
My promise could be your fiend
A given end to your dreams
A simple movement or rhyme
Could be the smallest of signs
We'll never know what they are or care
In it's escapable view
There's no escape so few in fear
Give in a changing value

To be given your sight
Hid in a long peaceful night
A nervous bride for your eyes
A fractured smile that soon dies
A love that's wrong from your life and soul
A savage mine had begun
Hello, farewell to your love and soul
Hello, farewell to your soul

Now I know what those hands would do
No looking back now, we're pushing through
We'll change these feelings, we'll taste and see
But never guess how the him would scream
But never guess how the him would scream
But never guess how the him would scream

credit: peter hook (yeah yeah not bernard sumner)
Track Name: nervous
that smell
is pink
i want to mix
to you
and the mall
is fine
i want to climb
your veins and tights

why do you have to have brown hair
skins pale, skin so bare
when you hear that someone's died

there's got to be something said
about how mean she was
why does it seem so bad to laugh
when you are so nervous
i thought you were like she did
thats why i hug you longer

oh that scent
you use
ive got
the bruise
ive got a diamond tear
and if you want
i'll be
need mountains need a face to tie
i like the work
thats done
its try to bring
my eyes to everyone
and if you like
i like
but die
how soothe what you can do
Track Name: whatever, dude
why so short i only go outside if its sunny cold shoulder why wake up trying to say something the empty parts of the year where all i do is sleep i'm not enough for myself i never was its nice to be the middle of shiny trees and shiny streams my taste in this i swear to god can anybody see how i think here i am
i miss you big mistakes what do i do i need to be able to talk to you more than you know more than you know what did i take from you its all i think about what i could be doing there what i could be seeing there paint on the tile floor singing and kisses too