tough summer

by tree hopping

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Recorded July - Oct 2010 in Weston, Fl & Gainesville, Fl

Thanks: Eddie, Weston (your korg), Chelsey for the toy piano. Yeni, Reza, Regina for putting up with recording at the house. Kelsey G.

Family Friends Records 2010


released 04 November 2010
Gabriel Berrios - guitar, samples, drums, korg bass, korg, percussion, claps, toy piano, ableton, vocals



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Track Name: tough summer
i forgot how to eat today eyes in carpets fighting with the shade i got music but it won't leave my hands i've got apples but they won't become stamps i've got people that i'm going to miss i've got people that i'll still want to kiss i've got summer and i've got my legs i'll see you guys right before i go to bed i've got sleeping and i've got my dreams dreams are people when you want dreams to speak everything's hard when i don't start i don't feel smart i've been in my room my hands are balloons and no one cares but me but what if i fly what if i start what if i start flying away i saw your beautiful house plants and animals keep coming down easy t and 1,2,3 finding music that fits someone's town clouds in your room and your bed i'd rather sleep in your room instead singing alone isn't hard finding something to make up a part your hair looked nice at the beach and your eyes, the suns a peach your hair looked nice at the beach summer's tough when i cant reach you.
Track Name: getting the hair from my walls
where'd you get your clothes? they're so nice on you when will i feel like like i live here i looked at your picture way too long
i cough when you're naked looking at my shoes they shouldnt have made every building look the same i dont like this class i might need more people that i like to look at whats my problem here on the bus i see that im still young
Track Name: whatever, dude
why so short i only go outside if its sunny cold shoulder why wake up trying to say something the empty parts of the year where all i do is sleep i'm not enough for myself i never was its nice to be the middle of shiny trees and shiny streams my taste in this i swear to god can anybody see how i think here i am
i miss you big mistakes what do i do i need to be able to talk to you more than you know more than you know what did i take from you its all i think about what i could be doing there what i could be seeing there paint on the tile floor singing and kisses too