The Beat Band

by tree hopping

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The Beat Band
or Loop Band (International)
2010 For Family Friends Group

Side A. Tracks 1 - 7
Side B. Tracks 8 - 10

The music in "The Beat Band", except for the vocals, is completely made out of loops, either played or sampled from music. I looped guitar, drums, keyboards, and percussion for the majority of the tracks but also included samples in every song. I did this partly to blur the line between the music that influences me and the music I was making.

Thanks: Eddie (Forest Clay), Weston (God Boat; also thanks for letting me borrow your keyboard haha), Chelsey (for the Toy Piano!), Yeni, Reza, and Regina for having to put up with recording at the house, Anthony Naples for encouragement etc, all of my friends, Kelsey Garcia.

Also, thanks to the creator of You don't know me and I don't know you but the music you post has made a big impact.


released 09 November 2010



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Track Name: tough summer
i forgot how to eat today eyes in carpets fighting with the shade i got music but it won't leave my hands i've got apples but they won't become stamps i've got people that i'm going to miss i've got people that i'll still want to kiss i've got summer and i've got my legs i'll see you guys right before i go to bed i've got sleeping and i've got my dreams dreams are people when you want dreams to speak everything's hard when i don't start i dont feel smart ive been in my room my hands are balloons and no one cares but me but what if i fly what if i start what if i start flying away i saw your beautiful house plants and animals keep coming down easy t and 1,2,3 finding music that fits someone's town clouds in your room and your bed i'd rather sleep in your room instead singing alone isn't hard finding something to make up a part your hair looked nice at the beach and your eyes, the suns a peach your hair looked nice at the beach summer's tough when i cant reach you.
Track Name: k hopping
when you slept over things were so good i knew you so well how much do we know now together from the cold time to this hot time well ive been here before but its been a while watching a movie with stars on your smile it was for kids, but we didnt care that flower dress your freckles and your hair fighting the nightness in the park that night it somehow really started to get closer and closer to the ledge of doing it well and watching the days go by we grew up a little bit here white wall museums and whipping off tears its the least we could do in the love and the true true spending our time the true true time the love time time
Track Name: bird road
i am the driver and you're the mate the more circles that we make the harder music is to take we're driving in the grove tonight viscaya in the dark trees cover your parts to experience your bite and teeth the harder that you breath the harder that my knees get and all the principle mistakes the heartache we create worth it for the growing. hey, did i forget the day or the smell of your arms when we met on Saturday walking in the rain seeing stores i used to go in when i was younger thinking of the tri rail trips thinking of the rain did i forget the day or the smell of your mouth when we met on Saturday sitting on the rocks seeing shores i used to go in when i was younger thinking of the heat thinking of the heat
Track Name: face paint/ breathing circle
drink some tea how did we meet got on the street ghosts are just circles obviously obviously obviously i can't pretend obviously obviously obviously we'd talk again remember i got sick that one time you were still with that messy guy but obviously obviously obviously you knew it then obviously obviously obviously we couldnt spend that much time remember now Halloween and getting how obviously obviously obviously we were aware that obviously obviously obviously we'd get somewhere soon. it was dark it was dark fingers in the holes apart from a river from the stream scratching paper what a dream can i be this happy can i be this happy from the sleep that i get and the dreams that i see can i be this happy can i be this happy
Track Name: garden of trees
getting numb getting dumb i finished all our food today i got new handwriting and didn't cry til' i saw eddie when was the last time i ate candy that i liked i wish i took a picture of those kids playing basketball by your house
listening to grey music in the rain is the type of day you'd spend in your bed we'd spend in your bed you liked learning french singing in the car you liked those old songs those grey old songs those grey old songs you let your hair one day bought you green sweater on your birthday we were bad with gifts i met your parents why am i here is it easy to forget these things is it easy to forget these things i'm sorry that i bit you where's your headband now... going out to eat with your family and little cousin i can't believe your uncle died i wish i was tears beside but it was true i wish i cried with you scared, i know now but did i know how scared i was when maybe your collarbone made my cheekbones this way those pictures of you at school that garden off trees and your pool
Track Name: freckles
i saw your mouth under your teeth we're at the beat and you're laughing at me swimming around wearing a shirt what if you're also wearing that skirt i know how you'll get alone looking at my elbows. can't think of now, who am i with you, do i still talk the same way, because i used to spend so much time alone can we really play things that aren't in the fun right now i see trees i see honey but do i see do i see
Track Name: whatever, dude
why so short i only go outside if its sunny cold shoulder why wake up trying to say something the empty parts of the year where all i do is sleep i'm not enough for myself i never was its nice to be the middle of shiny trees and shiny streams my taste in this i swear to god can anybody see how i think here i am
i miss you big mistakes what do i do i need to be able to talk to you more than you know more than you know what did i take from you its all i think about what i could be doing there what i could be seeing there paint on the tile floor singing and kisses too
Track Name: getting the hair from my walls
where'd you get your clothes? they're so nice on you when will i feel like like i live here i looked at your picture way too long
i cough when you're naked looking at my shoes they shouldn't have made every building look the same i don't like this class i might need more people that i like to look at whats my problem here on the bus i see that i'm still young
Track Name: how fun we used to be
have you heard my story i was talking when i told you you were in the car and we had parked right next to weston's house sometimes when i talked where you listening to me why does this show above we were so young and pretty just before we moved here i felt different about how i felt about the people
i loved and wanted to love me i dont feel that happy, the happiness i felt was all in that space now when i look at your face. the world was so green and bright, pretty people pretty light
Track Name: freckles
can't think of now, who am i with you, do i still talk the same way, because i used to spend so much time alone can we really play things that aren't in the fun right now i see trees i see honey but do i see do i see