00 0

by tree hopping

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    Artwork by Jolie m a (http://www.flickr.com/photos/joliealtshuler/) (thank you so much so much)




3 songs recorded during the winter months of late 2010-early 2011. sample-based bedroom music. all drums are sampled. only acoustic guitar is used. these are songs i made that were not influenced by world/ highlife/ "band" music.


released 18 February 2011
jolie m a: front cover (www.flickr.com/photos/joliealtshuler/)
thank you so much

gabriel berrios: recording, music



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Track Name: hullahoop/ mom
doesnt really sound fresh
im not going to lie
trade two stupid things
about "the raven", really
im tired of talking about
food with you
eyes are fine
who are my best friends
no curtain
I'd love to do the hoola-hoop
in a different place
talking to mom
is just so sad
whos the monster
Track Name: girls call themselves different names
you were crying at night
when you perfectly shook
it was the scene of the month
the thing i couldnt forget
im going base my year
base my year
base my year on your taste
girls call themselves different names
i didn't have the courage
to walk alone in the cold
i know you wanted me there
but now i get it
now i get that this is my change
Track Name: those pictures of you at school
it is nice
now that i remember
your smell
and all the buildings
i went with you
that i was
never in
it was cold
when we started
to walk
in the dark
and all over different parks
coffee breath
you're the best
coffee breath
you're the best